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Tic-toc said the clock, I had just 30 seconds more to be at work. I hadn’t planned my day but one thing was sure, i would go to work and make sure i get everything done as well as summit required documents to my boss. Anyway i got this done and by 2pm i was done with work. I left and made my way to see Betsy, i had to get the gifts that was sent to me by an old aunt. Visiting Betsy was one thing, knowing how long i would be there was another. I really don’t know what kept me but it must have all been gossip, she was good at that, you could forget your mouth with her if you are not careful. I was out by 5pm and headed home to prepare dinner.

Tosan! “make sure your father’s food is ready before 7pm” my mum screamed, out of nervousness i poured a bowl of dried melon into the stew i was preparing and then i knew i was in a big mess. Oh yes the screams came again especially from my mum, i also got an angry look from a hungry father by 8.30pm. The last i could do for the day was put my room in other, have my bath, say my prayers and immediately i was off to bed.

This was the way i was living everyday of my life with one fruitless thing to always take my time and whenever i was given an extra assignment by my boss which was actually an opportunity to expand my horizon, i would complain that i had NO TIME. This is a typical example of the way most of us live; days without plans, hours without results, minutes without schedules and seconds without thoughts. You see there is no need blaming everyone else for taking your time but there is every need to manage your activities to match up with time. Everybody has 24 hours but not every body gets the same result. Some get results for 24hours (even when they are asleep) , others for 12hours, 8hours and so on. Which category are you? what would you do to make the world better?…”nothing if you keep sitting there”! its time to wake up!. I would talk about covey’s time management matrix some other time. It would help you get acquainted with the things that are important, urgent, not important, not urgent and know how to deal with them appropriately)…watch out for it!