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My God speaks to me.

He whispers to my soul,

Like a patient parent waking me up,

Never rough or impatient,

He gently rouses me out of my slumber,

Calling me into the light of the day.


My God speaks to me.

Words of comfort into my ear,

While the tears roll down,

As the anger boils up,

When the will to keep going wavers,

He’s there.

Whispering love and affection,

“Keep going, I love you.”


My God speaks to me.

Nudging me until my slow mind catches up,

Telling me of the way forward,

Proving the light to a dark situation.

Leading me forwards, encouraging me,

“Just a little more, a little further.”


My God speaks to me.

He lavishes me with love.

Healing the wounds of my past with the softest of kisses,

A continual outpouring of love, until the messages sinks in.

The kind of acceptance one could only wish for.


My God speaks to me.