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Remember when you were a child and you had the whole world in your hands

Remember when you were a child and you believed with all your heart that you could be anything you wanted to be

Remember when you were a child and you wanted to change the world when you grew up

Remember when you were a child and you decided that you would buy your parents the best of things

Remember when you were child and you were fearless, not scared of anything or anyone

Remember how you always wanted to be the doctor that would find the cure to Hiv or

the lawyer that would defend the innocent in court no matter what It took

Remember when you were so innocent and your mind was as pure as purity itself

Remember when nothing could stop your dream of becoming a pilot even though you usually pronounced it as parrot

Remember when you were not scared of loving or trusting

Well, those days are not far gone. There’s still a child in each one of us that is capable of being and doing these things.

There still a child in us that is fearless and daring that can take on anything and fight for what he believes if given the chance.

But we’ve wrapped up that child and covered him with the cares of this world, with false evidence appearing real…..fear. We’ve blinded the child to the light and all he sees is that darkness that keeps him from going beyond the status quo.

We’ve taught the child to accept what life offers, to make lemonade out of the lime life gives us instead of going after the orange we truly desire. We’ve taught the child that it’s better to hide your heart rather than open it up to a profound love that makes life worth living.

We’ve taught the child that opportunity comes once in a lifetime and so when he fails he thinks there’s no second chance. We taught him that experience is the best teacher and so he never learns from people but heads for the ditch himself instead. We taught the child that life is not a bed of roses and forgot to add that it’s still a bed and not a log of wood and he can add the roses to the bed if he wants it.

The bottom line is: we all had a dream but one way or the other we lost it to what people told us and the cruel experiences we had, but hey, that dream is still very much alive somewhere and can still be turned into a reality if we  focus on the good parts of life and look on the bright side of every situation. RELEASE THE CHILD IN YOU AND LET HIM LIVE.