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You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. Ever heard that old saying?
So, if you can’t make them drink, what do you do? You make them thirsty!
The salt and the light are the reasons I exist. I aim to make others thirsty for the goodness of God. I want to be God’s seasoning.
Why? Because God says those who thirst after righteous are blessed. I want the blessings and I want others to be blessed. But not only are we blessed, we are filled!
Filled up and overflowing onto others. Talk about goodness! The word blessing, as I have often said on here, is a beautiful word. It means the infusion of the holy, divine, and eternal. Who would not want to be blessed?
Indeed, we were created with that place waiting to be filled.
That is why everything fights against such precious…

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