Resting in His Grace

v & mWith a vamped up effort to read everything ever written in tow, we set our sights on the ever elusive understanding of the dividing lines in the sand between Protestants, Catholics, the Orthodox, and etc., etc., etc. OO-ee!

temperatures rise as you see the whites of their eyes…

No, we speak not of those boogey-man stories told in backwoods Baptist Sunday school rooms. You know, as in “the praying to Mary” stuff. Should you be of mind by the way, it’s an interesting take to understand how and why this intercessory prayer is enacted… it’s a whole lot different than my childhood teacher said.

Rather, we allude to the penal substitution versus pleasant sacrifice fracas. Most of my protestant brethren would say here, “what fracas?” That’s because we hold to both teachings… well, at least in a certain direction. Across the aisle however, the doctrine of penal substitution…

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