the hour of soft light...

raining down on me

saw hopeful rays of early sun this morning before they were dashed in a freshet…
now I like rain as much as the next flower but I miss the sun…literally and mythically
sent my friend this text-note in a bottle: rainy & cool…
Let’s sit it out on the e-porch swing and figure out what
the deal is with Grace (The High Concept, not the person)
my friend: LOL. You’re killin’ me, smalls

…which made me smile
then two friends called, one after the other from the shore
…and I made my way back, warming up in a soft wrap of their words
in alluvion light, the world greened up and the lake twinkled its darker shade of blue eyes at me

while The High Concept often alludes my understanding,
I do know when I’ve been visited by the Triple Graces

© Liana 8/2/13

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