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Whatever God does shall be forever. You need to be spiritually rooted to make it in life
This age is filled with uncertainties, now let God help you towards certaintees.
Mastering spirituality like daniel makes you to incharge over soothsayers, magicians, herbalists e.t.c. invest in enhancing the quality of your work with God. The debt of your work with God, takes you toan altitude you never imagined.
The sleep of a hardworking is sweet. Putting a hardwork towards a knowing God more and more will make you have rest.
Working with God to dominate your World, working with God to have an outstanding result.
How can you claim to be a child of God and be found masturbating, watching pornography, smoking e.t.c. A man devoured 131 tapes of faith on his ipad and he was freed form cancer of the bladder.
It takes a continous work with God to reach…

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