letting go

On my journey to being happier at home, I’ve realized that one of the greatest ways that I can find lasting satisfaction is by being happy with myself. Being happy with myself requires the knowledge that I am taking care of myself and that I am progressing on my journey…no matter how slow.

So, one area where I have needed progress is with my addiction to sugar. I love sugar in any form, really, which makes it even trickier to quit. Sugar seems to come in an infinite amount of equally satisfying forms. brown sugar. granulated. powder. high fructose corn syrup. cotton candy. You get the drift. Until this past week I had no idea how much of the food we buy at the store has unnecessary added sugar. Even Cheerios have sugar.

As I was running the other day a thought came to my mind, “go without sugar.” The thought was persistent, “Just give it up…

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