Resting in His Grace

Picture 031In a most natural and compassionate way, her ward of our duty left me with only a disgruntled response, “Yes… dear.”

I had no desire to tackle this task. My wife had every desire for me to tackle it. It’s futile, were my thoughts and I said as much. My tongue couldn’t resist conveying reminders of so many times helping our friend while never seeing any lasting improvement come from the efforts. Although I knew our friend would have another crisis tomorrow, my lovely insisted we intervene again today.

I submitted my rebuttal; poor, poor choice on my part.

In an intended smirk way, she donned, “Okay, forget the need… we’ll just pray and break out the scissors. (Scissors?) We can’t very well have James’ letter in our Bibles any more now, can we?”

She of course dangled his instruction of seeing needs and rather than meeting them…

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