Gotta Find a Home:




19 September 2013

Sitting in the shade were Shark, Chris, Fat Chuck, and Frank. Shark said, “I’ve just been to my doctor, he’s also my specialist (HIV/AIDS). That’s hard to find. Usually if a doctor is a specialist he doesn’t do general practice. He’s at the Beechwood Clinic. When his contract is up I asked him if I could still be his patient. He said, ‘Sure!’ I’m really happy about that. It’s the only reason I stay in this city.

Chris said, “I went to the clinic today. They had me in one of those paper gowns. They were saying, move this way, move that way. How does this feel? I said, ‘It feels drafty.’ I guess I’m too old to be modest.

Chuck said, “Well, I’m homeless again. My landlord chucked me out. I slept at Bearded Bruce’s last night.” He threw an empty beer can toward…

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