Three Iron Nails

For you will forget your trouble; you will remember it like water that has flowed away.

Job 11:16 NET

Why, why repine, my pensive friend,
At pleasures slipped away?
Some the stern fates will never lend,
And all refuse to stay.
I see the rainbow in the sky,
The dew upon the grass;
I see them and I ask not why
They glimmer or they pass.
With folded arms I linger not
To call them back; ’twere vain;
In this, or in some other spot,
I know they’ll shine again.

— Walter Savage Landor

When disappointment comes meet it, but do not carry it along with you; nor fetter your spirit by changeless haste. “Memory will always pursue some precious instance of itself,” which will bring either renewed confidence or resignation.

— M. B. S

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