Seeking Christ's Truth


By Peter Wesson

What I’m going to say is something that needs to be said.  We need to be aware that recent developments may have shown some deficiencies in Christians in this nation.  That is, that we may have been out of balance in something.

Many Christians are up in arms right now about the recent Supreme Court decision.  It’s understandable.  I’ve written about and spoken on it myself.  It’s not a light thing.  Many that work for court houses or as judges may be forced to violate their faith and conscience because of the mandated licensing of homosexual unions or lose their positions.  In fact, some have already resigned.  Lawsuits that have taken place and have been won out west against conservative religious people that own businesses that are often involved with weddings.  Therefore, it is understandable that people are concerned what might happen when homosexual marriages have now…

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